CBC Radio’s As It Happens, 2000

as_it_happens.mp3 Joy was interviewed on CBC radio’s “As It Happens” in 2000 after winning the Tyrrell medal from the Royal Society of Canada.  

CBC Radio This Morning, 1998

this morning_98.mp3 CBC Radio’s This Morning featuring a discussion of post-WWII Canadian products.

CBC Radio Morningside, 1996

morningside-96.mp3 This CBC Morningside interview explores the 1996 Museum of Science and Technology exhibit ‘Love, Leisure, and Laundry’.

CBC Radio B.C. Almanac, 1995

cbc_van_almanac-95.mp3 This 1995 CBC Radio interview features a discussion of the emergence of consumer products in Canadian households post-WWII.

Tamarack’s “Till the Stopwatch Is Gone”

09 Till the Stopwatch Is Gone.mp3 This song from Tamarack‘s album “Leaving Inverarden” is based on the Hanover story in Joy Parr’s The Gender of Breadwinners.